Monday, May 11, 2015

I can - My new and revised blog (for what it's worth)

It's D blog week and I thought it was time to update my blog.  Since Google won't let me connect my old blog, to my new account, I will post the link here.

My baby is no longer a tween so it was time for a new name anyway.

We have been doing this for almost 6 years,  June 19, 2009 is our D Day.  Here I our diagnosis story:

I have learned so much from other D blogs, from Children With Diabetes and from the Facebook groups like Parents of Type 1 Diabetics, Dexcom, and Omnipod Users, that maybe I can contribute in some small way.

Today's topic is "I can."  Not sure what to do with this but it reminds me of the "You can do this project."  Just the motto inspires me.  I got their bracelet at the Friend For Life conference last year and it sits on my vanity to inspire me that I can do this another day. Diabetes won't beat me or my daughter down.