Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Changes - D Blog Week topic #4

We have been doing this for almost 6 years now, and we have seen plenty of changes in our diabetes care.

We have changed endocrinologists, we're getting ready to try a third one later this year that only sees ages 15 and up.  There is a major shortage of endocrinologists that will treat Type1s and know what the heck they are doing.  You have to know how to treat yourself and then ask for the prescriptions.

We have also seen plenty of changes in diabetes technology.

The biggest one to get would be an actual cure but I am a doubter and I bet we won't get one unless it's lucrative enough for big pharma.

But - they can make money off of an artificial pancreas and they are so close to releasing it, that I can dream of my daughter being able to wear this at college and only have to think about it once or twice a day.

Anyway, technology we have used in 6 years includes:

One touch glucose testers: the Ultra, the mini's and the OneTouch Ping

FreeStyle glucose testers: Free Style Lite, Insulinx, Omnipod PDMs (two of those)

Insulin Pumps: Animas Ping, Omnipod, both old and new smaller ones with improved PDM

Dexcom CGM: Dexcom 7 (the goose egg) and the Dexcom G4 and now with Share (best thing yet!)

Nightscout (deserves an honorable mention): that rogue hack of the Dexcom G4 receiver that sent data to a Moto G phone into the cloud and back to a Pebble watch and only worked when it felt like it.  But it helped me keep an eye on things as we started high school this year.

This is why I have so much stuff in my clean it up blog (see yesterday).

We haven't used any of the other CGMs on the market except for a 3 day blind trial of the very painful Medtronic CGM.  We haven't used the other popular pumps like the T Slim or Medtronic.  It's nice to have choices and insurance that will cover 70% of most of this stuff.

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